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October 4, 2012

Refer friends & get prizes

So these aren't COMPLETELY free, but it is very cheap.

All you have to do is to do a simple one time offer, can be the price of a low 5$ some times.
If you don't have the money, you can make some on Fiverr or similar sites.
After that you have to get your friends to sign up on YOUR link.

*some sites wants you to make your friends do offers too*

Invite 2 friends and complete 1 offer and you get an Ipod shuffle. or invite more friends and get a different prize - these offers does sometimes cost 1$ or something..

Get psp's xboxes or playstations by doing an offer and referring friends.

Do an offer, get your friends to do the same and either get a tv or a home surround sound system.

Get a ps3 by completing an offer and then refer your friends to do the same

Get a mobile phone. Just do an offer and tell some friends.

You can choose to get wii fit, wii sports or other sports related stuff. Simply do an offer and tell your friends.

Get Iphones, xboxes or a vacuum cleaner by doing 1 offer and referring some friends.
Do an offer, share with your friends and get Iphones, ipads, phones or xboxes.

Yes. these are all from the same company - but a trusted one, just look around on the internet for proof.

Complete an offer, refer your friends and get your prize.
Just refer your friends, no offer, no survey. 

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