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August 29, 2012

Freebies in the US

Do you live in the US and want free stuff?

ICraveFreebies - 2012
A big list with all sorts of free stuff.
"Like" their facebook page, you get stuff for free there too.

TheFreebieSource - 2005
Offers free products, samples, deals & coupons.
Update daily.

JustFreeStuff -1997
Free stuff, contests and sites for charity.
Updated regularly
Their site is organized - A nice site to visit

FreakyFreddies - 1997
Rather large list with all different kinds of stuff;
Contests and sweepstakes
Updated daily

HeyItsFree - 2005
With every freebie, there’s a photo and underneath that, there is a funny comment.
They could try to “jazz” the site up with a some colors

Shop4Freebies - 2006
They have a big list which is updated every 24 hours
They are organized and have print coupons, online coupons and samples.

All-Free-Samples - 2001
Filled with free samples and discounts for all of you guys.

SweetFreeStuff -2002
90's look. But free is good

ICraveFreeStuff - 2004
Freebies, samples, coupons, deals and giveaways.
They remove expired offers so that you do not waste your time visiting offers that are no longer working.
They update daily.

The39DollarExperiment - 2006
Tom have made an experiment where he wrote a letter to several companies, asking for free stuff and he have made a list of all these companies. Go check out in details what he did!

FreeCollegeStuff - 2012
I don't think you have to go to college to get them...
But scholarships, Study Guides, food and condoms- all for free, must be helpful for a student ;-)

1AboutFreeStuff -1999
There are no pictures here - unfortunately.
But hey, if it's free; we want it! right?

FreeChannel -1998.
All kind of stuff

TheFreeSite - 1995
A lot of stuff.

FreeStuffBlog 2008
Most of these free offers require you to fill out a short form or click “like” on their fan page.

SwagGrabber - 2009
Coupons, deals and freebies, they also have a "fun" section with funny ideas and other stuff.
*Learn how to coupon* Might be relevant for you someday.

Really enjoying the looks of this site!
Sign up today!

Coupons, deals, samples, giveaways and a contest for now.

TryFree - 2011
Try them out.

SampleStuff - 2010
Has a lot of different things. Coupons too!

MagicFreebies - 2012
Has a ton of different things in every category. A few of the perfume samples are available for international shipping.

ActiveFreeStuff - 2004
Has literally a ton of free stuff!

Hunt4freebies - 2008
A lot of free stuff!
Some of it is also available for international users.



SampleADay - 2008
A new one everyday
By Scott & Nick

FreeStuffHeadQuarters - 2008



TheFreeblock - 2008

A bit messy, but that's okay.
It's the free stuff we are looking for.

FreeFig - 2010

Freebie-Depot - 2010

StartSampling - 1999
You can even earn points and get rewarded by being active on this site!

TotallyFreeCrap - 2010

Free Make Up And Beauty Samples 
Hair color, Make up & perfume samples.

FreeMania - 1997
200K subscribers can't be wrong..

FreeStuffAndSamples - 2004
Such a nice site. - A visit worth.

Sayvings ?

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