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November 14, 2012

Coupons in USA

Now, I don't know where you live - and I don't need to either.
But you can really save alot of money by visiting different stores everytime you are shopping and not just buy everything at one place.

Here are some coupon-sites to help you on your way to save money.

Coupons started in 2012, and has alot to offer.

Might seem a bit confusing at first.
Just surf around on the site a bit, and get to know it a little.

Some of the coupons will need you to sign in to get them.
But don't worry, it is free to sign up.

Has a ton of coupons to a sea of different stores in USA
If you live near a target, then use some of their coupons.

Has coupons on a big vary of different products

Have been working since 1995
MyCoupons hosts over 50,000 coupons and coupon codes.

Have not only coupons, but they also sell medication 

Here are some coupons, but you can also earn points by buying stuff and then exchange your points for gifts.

November 9, 2012

Free Stuff - Canada

Canada, the world's second-largest country by total area. 
Who is know for hockey, snow, maple syrup and their friendly people.

Has coupons, printable coupons, giveaways, and great deals.
and their beaver is really cute

November 8, 2012

Free Stuff - Norway

Norway - The great white north...

1gratis -2012
Has a lot of different stuff.
Books, babystuff and contests
Shipping costs may apply*

Has all sorts of stuff like samples, contest, discounts and more free stuff.
Shipping costs may apply*

October 4, 2012

Refer friends & get prizes

So these aren't COMPLETELY free, but it is very cheap.

All you have to do is to do a simple one time offer, can be the price of a low 5$ some times.
If you don't have the money, you can make some on Fiverr or similar sites.
After that you have to get your friends to sign up on YOUR link.

*some sites wants you to make your friends do offers too*

Invite 2 friends and complete 1 offer and you get an Ipod shuffle. or invite more friends and get a different prize - these offers does sometimes cost 1$ or something..

Get psp's xboxes or playstations by doing an offer and referring friends.

Do an offer, get your friends to do the same and either get a tv or a home surround sound system.

Get a ps3 by completing an offer and then refer your friends to do the same

Get a mobile phone. Just do an offer and tell some friends.

You can choose to get wii fit, wii sports or other sports related stuff. Simply do an offer and tell your friends.

Get Iphones, xboxes or a vacuum cleaner by doing 1 offer and referring some friends.
Do an offer, share with your friends and get Iphones, ipads, phones or xboxes.

Yes. these are all from the same company - but a trusted one, just look around on the internet for proof.

Complete an offer, refer your friends and get your prize.
Just refer your friends, no offer, no survey. 

October 2, 2012

Free Stuff - Denmark

Denmark.. - So small a country some people don't even know where it is.. 

You will have to pay the shipping fee or you will be signed up for something you have to cancel. So totally free it isn't.

Everything from free perfume to free posters.
I have recieved several free things from them.

Has a lot of different things for you.

Has a large variety of different free stuff, both physical and nonphysical things.

September 6, 2012

International Free Stuff

International free Stuff sites
Free samples which is more or less available worldwide.

List a total of 134 sites where you can get free stuff.
Including: coupon sites, contest and samples.
I don't know where they all ship to, so I put it in here.

Has alot of things to order.

A ton of different sites!

*If i'm wrong and these should have been in a different category, please tell me in the comments.*

September 4, 2012

More Than One Country

So I realized that I didn't have a real category for sites that are offered to only certain countries.
So from now on, the sites that have more than one country listed, can be found here :-)

Austrailia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, England.
Test products, enter contests, get completely free stuff, take surveys and get coupons.
TotallyFreeStuff - 1998, 
I don't ..know which countries they ship to.
 - Any feedback would be helpful
UK, USA and IrelandChange the country in the top of their page. And a different site will open in another tab.
There will be a flag in upper left corner to let you know what site you are on.

Coolfreebielinks - 1998
U.S, international or U.K
Huge list!


UK, USA, Canada
Freebies, coupons and free samples.

Free Stuff In India

Do you live in India and want some free stuff?

I really enjoy their layout.
They also have a broad variety of coupons
A big plus is their forum, where you can chat with other users
Generally kind of white website, there is not so much going on..
They also have "international freebies" that must be a plus!

Free Stuff For Parents & Kids

Today diapers and other baby stuff is quite expensive.
So I will attempt to help out a little bit.
Some of the largest companies wants to give you the opportunity to try their stuff totally free!
No cost!

Freegifts4kids - 1999
Free Baby Stuff such as coupons, products samples and new baby offers right to your home. All you have to do is sign up. 
**You can't access the free stuff until you sign up**

You're probably thinking “ is this just for moms?”
The answer is “no!” Everyone can get free stuff from this site, it's not just diapers and “mommy-stuff”.

Here is a list of places where your kids can eat for free.  USA 


It's not completely free - shipping is NOT free here.

more baby packages from different clubs.. 

Free baby packs, some of the them both have diapers, 
books, and sometimes there are more stuff in the pacs. 

Has a really annoying layout.. 
but besides that, they have different stuff your baby would love to have. 

(I'm sorry if some of these sites have some baby packages repeated...)

Separate baby packs I found

Rema1000 BabyPakke Denmark
Diapers, Teddy bear and more.
And a surprise.. wonder what that is?

Club Matas Baby Denmark
I honestly don't know what's in this pack... 
They don't say anything on the site.

Babybox from BabySam & Pampers Denmark
Free stuff for baby and parents

Libero baby box Denmark
Free, free and more free, what more could you want?

*Visit the company's website and like them on facebook. - They often give out coupons and stuff.*

September 3, 2012

What Is a Freebie?

What is a freebie?
A freebie is something that is free, it can be anything from diapers to perfume samples.
You can get them by mail or get them in the stores when they are offered.

Most freebies are only samples - not very big.

Question 1
Why do companies give out free stuff?
Sometimes companies want you to try before you buy, so they think they will lure you into buying more stuff from them.

Freebies in the UK

FreeStuffWorld 2013?
Mostly contests


All4Freeuk -2011 

Is pretty new, but has a huge list of free things!

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