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September 4, 2012

Free Stuff For Parents & Kids

Today diapers and other baby stuff is quite expensive.
So I will attempt to help out a little bit.
Some of the largest companies wants to give you the opportunity to try their stuff totally free!
No cost!

Freegifts4kids - 1999
Free Baby Stuff such as coupons, products samples and new baby offers right to your home. All you have to do is sign up. 
**You can't access the free stuff until you sign up**

You're probably thinking “ is this just for moms?”
The answer is “no!” Everyone can get free stuff from this site, it's not just diapers and “mommy-stuff”.

Here is a list of places where your kids can eat for free.  USA 


It's not completely free - shipping is NOT free here.

more baby packages from different clubs.. 

Free baby packs, some of the them both have diapers, 
books, and sometimes there are more stuff in the pacs. 

Has a really annoying layout.. 
but besides that, they have different stuff your baby would love to have. 

(I'm sorry if some of these sites have some baby packages repeated...)

Separate baby packs I found

Rema1000 BabyPakke Denmark
Diapers, Teddy bear and more.
And a surprise.. wonder what that is?

Club Matas Baby Denmark
I honestly don't know what's in this pack... 
They don't say anything on the site.

Babybox from BabySam & Pampers Denmark
Free stuff for baby and parents

Libero baby box Denmark
Free, free and more free, what more could you want?

*Visit the company's website and like them on facebook. - They often give out coupons and stuff.*

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